Making Vs Buying

For the most part, I tend to focus more on experiences than material possessions. Hence, when I want something material I go through a mental process:

  1. How much am I’m really going to use the thing.
  2. Is there something I can make instead of buy
  3. Where am I going to store this item so that it fits into my workflow of doing the task the item is supposed to help me with

It probably seems ridiculous, but ultimately the more things we own the more overhead is introduced. I’m not the kind of person who obtains something and just shoves it in a drawer to never see or use it again. I have the mentality that if I own something I haven’t used in a year, it probably belongs in the trash.


For example, I hang the tools on the walls of my workshop and everything has a set place and purpose. When I’m done with something I put it back in it’s assigned location to be ready to use it the next time. This saves a ton of time searching for the things. When I’m doing something repeatable I arrange my tools in a configuration so it becomes and integral part of my workflow. I really enjoy organizing physical problems as much as logical/software problems. Doing the work is always the easy part.